Testing parts of the prototype – the pressure sensor

Live demonstration of how the cushion is being inflated automatically and how the pressure is being changed, when interacting with it. Martynas is describing the system while Victor is filming and commenting.



Getting in touch with mobile-broadband providers from Denmark

Below there are there major mobile-broadband suppliers in Denmark. By clicking on their name you will be directed to their homepage. Near each provider there is also a contact method. Each of these providers has been contact in order to find out their bulk pricing and special offerings for a project like this.

Networking for components

Having the prototype components clearly listed, helped us get the big picture in our minds again. It also helped identifying the following:

  • what more to get
  • suppliers to contact
  • people to talk to
  • alternatives



We called it “Networking for components” or “Networking and suppliers”.

Prototype overview

Facts can get confusing when you are handling a big project over a relatively big period of time. The way solved this problem was by doing a graphical overview of what we have and what we want to have, using paper and post-its.




Core elements

  • the cushion
  • electric pump
  • electric valve
  • microcontroler

Networking Add-on 1

  • 3G/4G adapter
  • Web-server
  • Web interface

Networking Add-on 2

  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Smartphone
  • Smartphone application

Networking concept 2

The following depicts and describes the 2nd networking concept.

The system



  • the wheelchair user will sit on the optimized cushion, which is placed on the smart wheelchair in the back of the smart wheelchair a embedded deviced will be attached
  • connected to the embedded device there is a bluetooth usb adapter
  • the bluetooth usb adapter will comunicate wireless via the 2.4 Ghz signal and it will send the necesarry information to the smartphone
  • a PromComfort employee will manage the data just by passing by the wheelchair and initializing a wireless connection with his smartphone

The user interface

The fastest and most efficient way we can deliver a user interface is by creating an Android app. The app must enable the user to do the following:

  • check current pressure value
  • adjust current pressure
  • set a minimum pressure value

The interface should be straight-forward an minimalist, emphasizing on functionality rather than design. Bellow, there are 2 print-screens of the current Android app mockup.