Networking concept 1

As a previous assignment, we each had to develop individual concepts. The following depicts the 1st networking concept.

The system


  • the wheelchair user will sit on the optimized cushion, which is placed on the smart wheelchair
  • in the back of the smart wheelchair a embedded deviced will be attached
  • connected to the embedded device there is a 3G/4G USB adapter
  • the 4G USB adapter will comunicate wireless via the 3G/4G signal and it will send the necesarry information to the central server
  • a PromComfort employee will manage the data on the central server and will have the posibility of analyzing and printing data

The client-server application



  • The client-server application is the communication between the embedded board with the 4G usb adapter attached and the central server.
  • Communication is being done both ways – the embedded device can send packets to the central server and the central server can send commands to the embedded device.
  • The embedded device can only send information packages – reporting cushion state, reporting geo-position based on GSP coordinates
  • The central server can send commands and request information – commands will include adjusting pressure based one loosy pressure points and reporting geolocation

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